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In late January 2016, guests at the seventh annual Hand to Hand grant ceremony learned how the programs which received a grant have personally impacted women and girls in San Diego County:

Just in Time for Foster Youth: $10,000 for Financial Horizons program that provides young girls who have aged out of the foster care system in North County with education and mentors to develop a sound financial foundation.

Boys & Girls Club of Vista: $3,500 for SMART Girls program which equips young girls with problem solving skills, and health/ fitness education.

Girls on the Run: $3,000 to expand the program for girls in grades 3-8 from low-income families with the tools to embrace their individual strengths and successfully navigate life’s experiences.

Girls Rising: $3,000  for educational events for at-risk girls to build life skills and self-esteem and a fun activity which exposes them to new experiences.

Mana de San Diego: $5,000 for the Hermanitas Youth Leadership Mentorship which offers one-on-one mentoring to at-risk high school age Latinas to elevate their potential and create strong, capable young leaders in the community.

Casa Cornelia Law Center: $10,000 for the domestic violence program which assists legally eligible women secure employment authorization, escape abuse, and live self-sufficient lives.

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Pictured above:

  1. Coastal Community Foundation board members (left to right) Marion Dodson, Jim Street, Chair Alice Jacobson, John Kelting and Bill Cox
  2. Katrina Dodson, Betsy Jacobson, K.J. Koljonen, Candyce
  3. Boys & Girls Club of Vista Executive Director Charity Bracy (left), Boys & Girls Club member Isabella Calkins, and Hand to Hand to member Lynne Calkins
  4. Sherry Messman and Betsy Blodgett
  5. Victoria Willis (left) and Dorothy Lujan with Just in Time For Foster Youth
  6. Sally Bayless, Kasey McNair, Kathleen Rae, Carla Anderson, Amy Larso
  7. Hand to Hand members (left to right) Ellen Waddell, Tracy Myers and Cindy Dankberg
  8. Hand to Hand members Sue Steele (left) and Katrina Dodson
  9. Hand to Hand members (left to right) Pauline Lessman, Betsy Jacobson and Karen Austin
  10. Coastal Community Foundation executive director Sharon Omahen (left) and Sallie Bayless, grantwriter
  11. Boys & Girls Club of Vista Executive Director Charity Bracy (left), Boys & Girls Club member Isabella Calkins, and Hand to Hand to member Lynne Calkins
  12. Kasey McNair of grantee Girls on the Run (left) and Carla Anderson, Hand to Hand member
  13. Girls Rising executive director Nicole Hmielewski, Nicole Anderson and Wendy Gibbons of Girls Rising, and Robyn Sirota, Hand to Hand member
  14. Courtney Brown of grantee Casa Cornelia Law Center (left) and June Collins, Hand to Hand member
  15. Hand to Hand chair K.J. Koljonen (left), former foster youth Victoria Willis, Karen Miller of grantee Just in Time Foster Youth and Cindy Dankberg, Hand to Hand member
  16. Venus Molina (left) and Elizabeth Escabar of MANA de San Diego and Lynne Calkins, Hand to Hand member