Behind each fund at Coastal Community Foundation is a story about individuals and families who are making a difference.  Starting your own donor advised fund is far less expensive than a private family foundation.

Five Reasons People Establish a Donor Advised Fund at CCF

One  – Foundation staff provide highly personalized services tailored to your charitable interests.

Two – You have the flexibility to invest in causes you care about most over the years.  You can recommend grants to any qualified nonprofits or universities

ThreeDonors can name successor advisors.  Your children or grandchildren can continue your family legacy of giving.

Four –  Families can establish lasting legacies by creating permanent charitable funds in their names.

Five –  We are a local organization with a 32 year history in the community.

Types of Gifts 

Cash – a gift of cash may be made by check or you can donate online

Stock – When donating appreciated securities, you bypass capital gains tax and may deduct the fair market value of your gift.  Your gift of stock may allow you to make a bigger philanthropic impact to areas you care about the most.donate appreciated securities

Real Estate

A gift of real estate to the Foundation is an excellent way to establish a charitable fund or add to an existing one.  There are a number of advantages when you donate a property today:

1 – You avoid all capital gains taxes you might incur if the property was sold by you.
2 – You receive an immediate charitable deduction equal to the fair market value of the donated property.
3 – You may avoid potential future estate taxes on the gifted property.

Please contact Sharon Omahen at the Foundation at (760) 942-9245 or email