Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA) celebrated their 25th Anniversary in 2022.

That journey began in the early 1990s. Propelled by the vision of our founders, those early years hailed many exciting milestones. It was in 1997 that OMA opened our first official exhibition in the then newly-renovated City Hall designed by historic architect Irving J. Gill.

OMA has emerged as a vital gathering place for creativity and art since that landmark moment 25 years ago—providing a much-needed platform for artists in Southern California to share their voice with community members and art lovers along the cultural corridor from Los Angeles to Tijuana. Our arts education programs address critical needs for youth in our communities. The entirety of OMA’s programming, both for youth and adults, represent a powerful style of community building that can only happen through the arts.

Through a recent bequest we were able to establish the OMA Capacity Building Fund that will fuel OMA’s future including the proposed expansion to the historic Fire Station #1 adjacent to our current campus.  Over the coming years the museum will continue to grow its scope of services for wider community participation.

Join us to toast OMA’s past and future success. https://oma-online.org/

“OMA is at the nexus of a vibrant artistic community that I have the privilege to nurture and spearhead for the next generation. I invite you to share your passion for the transformative power of art.”

—Maria Mingalone, Executive Director

My wise husband Bob had great advice for me. “Evelyn, you do what you do best, let someone else do the rest.” I’m Best at sharing my knowledge of plants and gardening. I do my Best for the Heritage Ranch Museum as we work to preserve the stories and lives of many flower growers of the area. I give my Best to my church, Solana Beach Presbyterian, by co-leading a small group Bible study.
When it comes to handling the money I have earmarked for my charitable giving there was no doubt in my mind that Coastal Community Foundation would be the Best organization to take care of my funds. When my family and I decided to put our charitable funds into a Donor Advised Fund we went for the Best place-our own Coastal Community Foundation. I let them do what they do Best.