Tom & Donna Golich

Golich Family Fund – Tom and Donna Golich, long time Solana Beach residents, established their fund with gifts of appreciated stock. They support a wide variety of nonprofit organizations in the community. “We own shares of a highly appreciated stock, which we have been selling annually for tax purposes. By putting the proceeds from the sale of the stock into a donor advised fund at CCF we can distribute the proceeds in smaller amounts to a larger number of charities rather than just one or two charities. Doing this through CCF is easier than through our broker,” stated Tom & Donna.

My wise husband Bob had great advice for me. “Evelyn, you do what you do best, let someone else do the rest.” I’m Best at sharing my knowledge of plants and gardening. I do my Best for the Heritage Ranch Museum as we work to preserve the stories and lives of many flower growers of the area. I give my Best to my church, Solana Beach Presbyterian, by co-leading a small group Bible study.
When it comes to handling the money I have earmarked for my charitable giving there was no doubt in my mind that Coastal Community Foundation would be the Best organization to take care of my funds. When my family and I decided to put our charitable funds into a Donor Advised Fund we went for the Best place-our own Coastal Community Foundation. I let them do what they do Best.