Coastal Community Foundation can help you through every phase of establishing a fund.

Determine your charitable goals

How involved do you want to be in your philanthropy? Do you want to focus on certain areas or nonprofit organization?  Or do you want to support a number of charitable causes through a family fund?

Determine when you want to give

You can establish a fund today with cash and other assets or through planned giving strategies.

Decide what to give

The Foundation accepts a variety of assets to open a fund: cash, gifts of stock, real estate or personal property.

Talk with us about your charitable goals

You can establish a donor advised fund with a minimum contribution of $5,000.  Or, you can establish other types of funds to benefit specific areas or nonprofits you support.  The minimum amount to establish an endowed scholarship fund is $25,000.

Support causes you care about

When your fund is established, the Foundation takes care of all of the administrative details.  You can make grants to any 501(c)3 organization.  If you choose, your grants can be anonymous.

Contact the Foundation at 760-942-9245 or

Fund Options

Individual or Family Giving through your Donor Advised Fund

Charitable giving is one of life’s most rewarding acts.  As an individual or family, a donor advised fund provides you with a powerful and flexible means for grantmaking. You make recommendations on grants to 501(c)3 organizations and can utilize the assistance of knowledgeable Foundation staff.  You may also appoint successor advisors to the fund.

Support Areas of Interest

You may want to make an impact in specific areas such as education, health, youth, the environment, the arts, social services etc.  You can use the Foundation’s expertise to outline a grant program.

Provide Scholarships

You may want to provide scholarships for a specific area of study, college, university or trade school.  You outline the criteria for the scholarship award.

Support Your Favorite Causes

You may have favorite nonprofits that you support today. Your fund can provide an annual contribution to those organizations in perpetuity.  Grants will be made to the named organization(s) so long as the nonprofits remain in existence and continue to fulfill their intended purpose.

Provide Funds for Changing Community Needs

You understand that needs change in a community.  Your fund allows the community foundation to respond to important needs and community projects. The fund may be named after you.

Corporate Funds

The Community Foundation can assist your business with their corporate philanthropy.  We’ll handle all of the administrative work.  Your company will benefit from the technical grantmaking services of the Foundation for the benefit of the community.

Private Foundations

Coastal Community Foundation offers options for private foundations to establish a fund to meet their goals.