“We received support from The Betty Scalise Fund last spring which helped us produce a very successful Children’s Choral Festival.  Over two hundred children from five California Children’s Choruses attended the weekend festival and worked with composer conductors, Paul Caldwell and Sean Ivory. The experience was life changing and the combined choir concert at Mandeville Auditorium on the campus of UCSD was powerful for singers and audience alike. Betty Scalise’s belief in our youth choral program and her generous support was very important to NCS during her lifetime. CCF’s continuing support via the Betty Scalise Fund is greatly valued and appreciated by our board of Directors, staff and the hundreds of children and their families involved with North Coast Singers.”

–          Sally H. Dean

San Diego North Coast Singers


“Thank you so much for your generous donation. We really enjoyed being a part of the Philanthropy Club. We liked that we got to learn what philanthropy means and that we got to take part in such a meaningful project. All of the third graders loved donating to the charities of our choice. We enjoyed it so much that many of us are now donating our own time, treasures, and talents more often. It made us feel good to do something nice for others.”

–          Solana Vista 3rd Grade Team


“I want to say thank you for your support and hope for this program and each of us in the FAIR dorm. This experience is a chance for me to have my life back and be the mother my three girls need. Thank you for not only helping the dorm but allowing me a chance to save my life”

“I just want to say thank you so much for all the support and prayers. This dorm has changed my life. I’m grateful for this chance to learn and grow. I came in broken but I’m leaving empowered.”

“Thank you for all you do. You make us feel more than special. You look at us like humans, not prisoners, and for this I thank you.”

–          Welcome Home Ministries


“ To the Foundation of Joe Chavez,

I cannot in words convey how thankful I am for this scholarship, although I know a letter was not necessary, I feel it is out mere respect towards the foundation that I should write this letter. I feel so privileged to be attending UC Berkeley and I know in being here I am coming one step closer to realizing my dream one day. By no means would I be able to attend Cal without the philanthropic efforts of individuals like those involved with the Joe Chavez Foundation. I hope you know that I am thankful for this scholarship because I know that in one way or another it brings me closer to my dream of one day becoming a neurosurgeon, and helping benefit those in the community I left back home in San Diego. I wish everybody at the foundation a happy holiday season and again thank you to everyone involved.”

–          Roberto


“Dear Coastal Community Foundation Members,

The news that I have received this very generous scholarship from your organization was a delightful surprise. Thank you so very much for selecting me as a recipient for this scholastic gift. I can certainly use the funds towards the various school expenses while working towards my Landscape Architectural degree.”

–          Bonnie