2017 Grants

The Foundation granted over $530,000 to a wide variety of local, regional and national organizations.   Donor advised funds supported the arts and music, social services, animals, the environment, veterans programs, youth and community projects.  The Solana Beach Fund supported nonprofit programs that benefit the community.  Hand to Hand supported services and programs that help women and girls.

 Hand to Hand Fund Grants 2017

Dreams for Change                            $6,5000

Generate Hope                                     $10,000

New Entra Casa                                   $10,000

Reading Legacies                                  $5,000

Tender Loving Canines                        $8,000

Mental Health Fund Grants 2017

Community Resource Center Counseling services for children living in transitional housing / domestic violence shelter  



Solutions for Change


Counseling and case management for  homeless youth  



Trauma Intervention Program


Crisis intervention for traumatic events at local high schools and TIP teen training  


Solana Beach Fund Grants 2017

California Western Community Law Project The Community Law Project (CLP) provides legal services such as direct legal advice and legal education through bi-monthly legal clinics for low-income families in Solana Beach. $4,000
Casa de Amistad The Study Companions program provides one-on-one tutoring and mentoring to approximately 190 low-income K-12 students in Solana Beach. Volunteer and parent training is an important part of the program. $3,000
North Coast Repertory Theater Theatre School at NCR will stage a production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in La Colonia Park in summer 2016.  The event is free to public. $3,000
Reality Changers Reality Changers’ College Town program prepares low-income students for higher education through academic support, SAT prep, leadership training, etc. The grant funds the Solana Beach location. $3,000
San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy Citizens Restoring Coastal Habitat program engages the community in restoration of native habitats in the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve. $3,850