Grantmaking Overview

During 2018, the Foundation granted over $607,000 for community projects, scholarships and nonprofits programs and services.  “Our donor advisors, who recommend grants for causes important to them, have continued to expand the Foundation’s grantmaking“ stated President Alice Jacobson. “These local residents are truly making an impact in people’s lives through their grants to a wide variety of nonprofits locally, regionally and nationally.”

Philanthropy in Action

The Community Resource Center received a grant from the Mental Health Program for a Therapeutic Children’s Center. The center provides comprehensive mental health services for children domestic violence victims. Additional information can be found on their website at

Hand to Hand, the women’s giving circle granted funds to New Entra Casa for the program helping women who have been released from prison.

Carlsbad Music Festival received a grant from the Betty Scalice Foundation for the summer music festival.

Friends of Rollo received a grant to take children on a half day fishing trip excursion.  Most of these youth had never been on a boat before or had been fishing.  It was a fun day for the youth and parents.