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Donor Advised Fund Spotlights

Claire Tipler Fund for Art and Nature

This memorial fund was established by family and friends to remember Claire Tipler.  Gifts in memory of Claire will honor  her love of natural places and her creative and artistic talents and contributions.

Claire Tipler died suddenly at the age of 21 in December 2018. She was an artist, a lover of all things beautiful and natural and an incredibly gifted kind and giving soul. Her Art was boundless as she explored photography, book binding, painting, T-shirt making and use of natural materials. She loved the redwood forests of Santa Cruz where she was  studying fine art. She was especially enamored with her soulmate, Dobby the dog who Was Claire’s constant companion on all her incredible adventures. This fund has been set up to honor Claire’s unique artistic vision, her love of the outdoors and her kind and giving soul.

Junior Cares (Mark Girard Jr. Memorial Fund)

In 2014, at age 27, Mark Jr.’s life was tragically ended as a victim of a violent crime.  As our family struggles with the loss of Jr., we felt the need to continue his work as a conservationist.  He grew up in Carlsbad / Encinitas and was passionate about the outdoors in his personal and professional life.  mark Jr. would donate money and volunteer with nonprofits that promoted conservation, preservation, restoration and education.  Through Jr. Cares Tyler, Elijah and Kathryn (his closets friends) will help the Girard family select charities that honor his outdoor stewardship and continue his focus for donations.

The Eric and Suellen Lodge Charitable Fund

We decided to establish a Donor Advised Fund with Coastal Community Foundation because of its excellent reputation in the North Coastal area, where we have lived for many years.  In particular, we have appreciated the support CCF has given to local educational and environmental causes.  A Donor Advised Fund is a great vehicle for making charitable contributions and entrusting it’s management to a worthwhile local organization amplifies the benefit and satisfaction of giving.

McClure Family Fund

Encinitas is our home, where we have put down our roots since 1968, and we are grateful to have the opportunity to give back to our community through a local Donor Advised Fund.  Supporting nonprofit organizations in our own community, such as the Heritage Ranch, home of the San Dieguito Heritage Museum, gives us great joy.   Thank you Coastal community Foundation.

Orphan Family Fund


We started the Orphan Family Donor Advised Fund as a convenient means of supporting charities such as those addressing needs in education, the environment and science.  We especially appreciate the vetting of charities by Coastal Community Foundation which helps ensure the funds are used effectively.

Weidner Family Fund

My wise husband Bob had some great advice for me.   “Evelyn, You do what you do best, let someone else do the rest.” I’m Best at Weidner’s Gardens sharing my knowledge of plants and gardening. Part time now that I am finally retirement age. I do my Best for the Heritage Ranch Museum as we work to preserve the stories and the lives of the many flower growers of this area’s past. I give my Best to my church, Solana Beach Presbyterian by co-leading a Small Group Bible Study.

When it comes to handling the money I have earmarked for my Charitable Giving there was no doubt in my mind that the Coastal Community Foundation would be the Best organization to take care of my funds.

When my family and I decided to put our charitable giving funds into a Donor Advised Fund we went for the Best place.  Our own local Coastal Community Foundation. I let them do what they do Best and I can concentrate on what I do Best.