The mission of the Encinitas Fund is to address local needs and to encourage philanthropy for the benefit of Encinitas and its communities.

Through this giving circle a person, family or business can make one donation, and through pooled philanthropy, make a boarder impact in Encinitas through grants to numerous nonprofits and community projects.

Established in 2018, the Fund is part of Coastal Community Foundation that has been serving the North Coast for over 31 years. The mission of Coastal Community Foundation is to enhance the quality of life in the San Diego North Coastal area by directing philanthropic efforts toward community needs.

A grant committee of Encinitas residents who have contributed to the fund and the Foundation will provide oversight to ensure that grants from the Encinitas Fund are distributed for charitable purposes in the community and administered in accordance with established standards and best practices for community foundations.

Founding Member Levels

 __________    Friends                       $    50 –   99

__________    Community Partner    $   100 – 249

__________    Bronze Partner            $   250 – 499

__________    Silver Partner              $   500 – 749

__________    Gold Partner                $ 750 – 999

__________   Diamond Partner         $ 1,000

To donate to the Encinitas Fund complete the download the donation form on this page and send in a check.  Donations also may be made by credit card online by clicking on Donate Now.