Scholarships/Frequently Asked Questions

Scholarships range from $500 to $3,000.

The majority of scholarships are available for graduating seniors only from San Dieguito, Carlsbad and Oceanside school districts. Please read the guidelines carefully. All scholarships are awarded no later than December in the year the award is made.

CCF’s scholarships are designated only for tuition, books, fees and materials.

Yes, scholarship applications must be completed online on the Foundation’s. Your letter of recommendation may be sent via email.

The applications deadline is in spring each year.

Scholarship award letters are presented at your school’s awards ceremony or you will be notified by letter. Scholarship recipients will receive instructions in their award letter. The scholarship check is issued when the Foundation receives information from you verifying your college enrollment and class schedule. Checks are made payable to the college or university only in the year that the award is made.