When making your charitable giving plans through CCF, you can choose from many types of funds to create a giving plan that is right for you. You may establish an endowment fund or nonpermanent fund.

Donor-Advised Fund provides you with great flexibility and immediate tax benefits.  The fund allows you to support the nonprofits and community programs of your choice.

Designated Fund allows you to support one or more organizations through annual grants from the fund.  The fund can be named after you, your family or an organization.

Agency Fund that is established by a nonprofit provides a source of income for operations or programs. Individuals also can contribute to the fund at any time.

Field of Interest Fund allows you to make an impact in a specific area and can rely on the Foundation’s expertise to make grants in your area of interest (i.e. the arts, environment, education, health, social services, youth, etc.)

Scholarship Fund can benefit students of any age, background or education level.  You determine the selection criteria for your scholarship fund, including student’s schools, financial need, academic performance or other criteria.

Unrestricted Fund allows you to support a broad range of community issues that are identified by the Foundation over the years to respond to changing community needs.