Donor-Advised Fund

The fund provides a donor with great flexibility and allows donors to actively recommend grants to and 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations or community projects. Donors may appoint successor advisors to the fund.

Designated Fund

The donor directs the Foundation to pay the annual income to a specific named organization or organizations in perpetuity.  Grants from the endowment fund will be made to the named organization(s) so long as the nonprofit organization(s) remain in existence and continue to fulfill their intended purpose. The fund may be named after the donor.

Field of Interest Fund

Donor may want to make an impact in specific areas such as education, health, youth, the arts or environment.  The donor can rely on the Foundation’s expertise to select annual grantees.  Example of field of interest funds are the Ed Ventures Fund and the Fund for Mental Health.

Scholarship Fund

The donor establishes the criteria for the scholarship. Awards can be for a particular area of study, specific college, university or trade school. The Foundation works with the donor(s) to establish criteria that meets their goals.

Unrestricted Fund

The donor establishes a fund that allows the community foundation to respond to changing community needs. The fund may be named after the donor.

Agency Fund

Nonprofit organizations can establish an endowment fund at the community foundation. The community foundation distributes the annual income to the nonprofits for their general purposes. Individuals can contribute to the fund at any time.